Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve


Have you ever thought about buying a foal?

Your future sport horse with whom you can build a bond from the beginning? A foal from a proven performance damline? In short, a top talent who is unaffordable at the age of three and older?

Buying a foal directly from the breeder gives you all the inside information you can get. A foal with Olympic genes for top performances in the future ……….

Stephan and Evelien Haarman from Stoeterij Beltmanshoeve have built up a group of high-quality broodmares in recent years and expect eight to ten foals per year. In Wilp, province Gelderland, the basis is made for future top performances.

Looking for a young dressage– of showjumpingtalent? Follow our foal page and feel free to contact op met Stephan.

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